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Syncing OneDrive app in PC and Android

By zlzpqx ·
I have installed OneDrive App in my both PC Windows and Android, and they do work independently.

I looked up instructions on Internet for syncing the above two.

The best website I found was

But I could not at all figure out from the above website how to sync OneDrive App in my PC Windows and Android. I shall much appreciate clear instructions.

Thank you.
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Re: sync OneDrive

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Syncing OneDrive app in P ...

There is just one OneDrive, as the name implies. The PC and the phone are different devices that look at the contents of this "drive". So there is no explicit syncing between between different devices connected to the same "drive".

Like there is no explicit syncing between different PC's in your home network that store files in a shared disk that's connected to your router. They just see the same folder with the same contents.

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Thank you, Kees....

by zlzpqx In reply to Re: sync OneDrive

Thank you, Kees, for your reply.

Indeed, I would have very much expected all picture contents of OneDrive in my both PC Windows and Samsung Android to be identical, but I had found them to be VERY different. (After reading your reply, I just confirmed to myself that that is in fact the situation.)

It is a complete mystery to me as to what pictures which I had taken using my Samsung Android camera go into OneDrive in my Samsung Android and OneDrive in my PC Windows. So I had thought that syncing between OneDrive in my Samsung Android and OneDrive in my PC Windows might be necessary to obtain identical contents in both places.

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by zlzpqx In reply to Thank you, Kees....

After some "maneuvering" in One Drive in PC Windows, I obtained picture contents of One Drive in PC Windows and in Samsung Android which are identical.


Even though I have plentiful experience in using websites, I find that OneDrive is not at all user-friendly.

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Re: OneDrive

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Addendum

OneDrive is not a website ... it's kind of a hard disk. And the apps, both on the PC or on your phone are kind of what Windows calls a File Explorer.

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