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What are the motherboard replacements for Acer T3-715, please ?

By dianoban99 ·
Have to replace Acer T3-715's motherboard. Have hard time to find any due to the fact that Acer uses custom made boards.

Kindly your recommend, please?

Thank you.
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Your best option

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to What are the motherboard ...

Would be to contact Acer support directly. Try this link:

Is there a problem with the current motherboard or are you wanting to upgrade the existing motherboard?

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To birdmantd Moderator

by dianoban99 In reply to Your best option

Thank you.

Ask Acer? I did. This is what happened.
1. They require the S/N of the board. There is not such a thing.
2. Then they said the product was out for more than 3 years. No parts to repair.
The T3-715's board is a custom made. Would Acer tell anything of the replacements??

Yes. There is a serious problem which causes the PC stop at the beginning of booting.

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My bet is too costly.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to What are the motherboard ...

With a nod to you should consider a new case, motherboard and salvage what you can.

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To rproffitt Moderator

by dianoban99 In reply to My bet is too costly.

Have been asking for help on many forums, Acer Connunity, Tom's Hardware, Overclokers UK. Have no certain replies so far.

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My certain reply.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to To rproffitt Moderator

Just 2 months ago we had a HP motherboard fail. No spares out there so we got a new case, PSU, motherboard and salvaged the CPU, RAM, M.2 SSD, CPU heatsink+fan and graphic card. I was pleasantly surprised that Windows 10 booted up and didn't invalidate the license.

This is what you do when you can't find a motherboard.

The only alternative is to buy the complete machine and swap your drives over and carry on.

These are the certain fixes used for this situation for decades.

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