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  • Transform the Operator Experience with Enhanced Automation & Analytics

    White Papers · Nov 2019 · Provided By Aruba

    Demands of modern organisations are crushing today's networks. Did you know that due to a lack of automation in network configuration, 70% of IT's time is spent on identifying and diagnosing issues? Read more to discover how to: Address network issues with automation and analytics Bring networking into...

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  • Deliver a Best-in-Class User Experience

    White Papers · Nov 2019 · Provided By Aruba

    Technological advancements in modern businesses need a modern networking infrastructure. This whitepaper explores the challenges often faced by organisations having traditional networking infrastructure. One of the big challenges is not being able to detect and resolve user-impacting issues. Data shows that 39% of problems are detected and reported by end-users....

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  • Dynamic Segmentation Use Cases

    Case Studies · Nov 2019 · Provided By Aruba

    Technological advancements in the modern era need simple and secure wired and wireless networks. To leverage the emerging Internet of Things (IOT) devices, dynamic segmentation, a key component of Aruba's infrastructure that identifies and enforces rules for devices and their traffic. Read more to understand how IT can satisfy a...

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  • Next-gen Switches Transform Networking From the Edge to the Core

    Presentations · Nov 2019 · Provided By Aruba

    This infographic discusses common network challenges such as Fragmented Operations, Legacy networks and constrained control and visibility. These challenges prevent IT network teams from delivering to their full potential. Discover how the new Aruba CX Switching infrastructure helps modern IT network teams to enhance the operator experience. Read more to...

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