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  • Clinical Analysis in Health E-book

    Ebooks · Oct 2018 · Provided By Microsoft

    Discover practical use cases for applying AI and data analytics to make healthcare more efficient while improving clinical quality and health-related outcomes. Access and interact with a variety of scenarios, including: • Sharing and analyzing clinical data to deliver targeted health services and improve outcomes through predictive care. • Using...

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  • AI in Retail | Transforming the Marketplace

    Ebooks · Oct 2018 · Provided By Microsoft

    Propel your retail business ahead of the competition with artificial intelligence (AI). Read the AI in Retail interactive e-book, which shows you how AI solutions including chatbots, machine learning, and cognitive services help transform the customer experience—whether they’re shopping online or in a brick-and-mortar store. You’ll also find out...

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  • AI RETAIL PLAYBOOK: Transformation Strategies For Intelligent Retail

    White Papers · Oct 2018 · Provided By Microsoft

    As artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies grow increasingly relevant to the retail industry, you need to find the best way forward for your business. Discover new scenarios for the digital age so you can place your bets confidently on the best strategies for engaging your customers and influencing their...

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