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  • How To Get Better At 'Small, High-Velocity' Decisions

    White Papers · Jan 2019 · Provided By Oracle

    Slack and Oracle recently collaborated to bring together Slack’s team messaging capability and Oracle’s new intelligent bot-builder capability. Oracle’s chatbot capability lets people use natural language processing (NLP) to ask questions about a specific use case, and the chatbot can respond by pulling information from a back-end or enterprise application...

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  • From Theory to Action

    White Papers · Nov 2017 · Provided By Oracle

    Technology is changing the way organizations are interacting with their customers, and the same is happening with the way organizations are managing experiences internally as well. This isn’t just another think piece theorizing about what keeps employees engaged. This is a whole new way of visualizing and understanding engagement,...

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  • Eight Steps to Building a Comprehensive Culture of Engagement

    White Papers · Nov 2017 · Provided By Oracle

    Employees nowadays are committed to their organizations when the whole work experience is built to form a culture of engagement. That means leaders recognize how various parts of all employees’ work experience influence their experience as a whole, and they actively work to improve all aspects that help inspire and...

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