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  • Kirkland's: Lessons learned in the quest to leverage digital media for quantifiable business results

    White Papers · Apr 2016 · Provided By Oracle

    This report examines the techniques and strategies that CMOs must leverage to maximise their social media campaigns by: Using the social media metrics to track, aggregate and report Using social media to funnel users into targeted campaigns and follow-up cycles Enhancing and extending the in-store experience with social media...

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  • Oracle Social Network

    White Papers · Jan 2014 · Provided By Oracle

    Oracle Social Network was developed as an alternative to existing models of enterprise collaboration: specifically, traditional tool-centered approaches that require the user to break context to communicate. The relatively recent addition of social networking tools, micro-blogging, walls and activity streams into the enterprise has compounded the problem, creating a third...

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  • Social Recruiting for Dummies

    White Papers · Dec 2013 · Provided By Oracle

    Get simple, practical advice on recruiting with social media - from creating and implementing a social recruitment strategy, to fostering a truly aspirational employment brand. Learn to: * Use social networks to recruit talent and tap into your employees' networks * Find the right tools to scale your efforts...

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