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  • A Primer: Oracle Intelligent Bots

    White Papers · Jan 2018 · Provided By Oracle

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to dramatically disrupt all industries – potentially allowing the global workforce and remodeling customer engagement. Think about this: A chatbot never sleeps, never makes you wait, can personalize the customer experience and now chatbots powered by AI have the ability to learn and build...

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  • CEO Perspectives: How HR can take on a bigger role in driving growth

    White Papers · Oct 2013 · Provided By Oracle

    Two dominant trends are potentially reshaping the role of the HR function in the corporate world. The first relates to the rapid growth of the knowledge economy. In this environment, a committed, appropriately skilled and prudently deployed workforce is critical in order to develop new products and outstrip the competition....

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  • Oracle Crystal Ball Download - 30 Day Free Trial

    Downloads · May 2012 · Provided By Oracle

    Oracle Crystal Ball is the leading spreadsheet-based application suite for predictive modeling, forecasting, simulation, and optimization. It gives you unparalleled insight into the critical factors affecting risk. With Crystal Ball, you can make the right tactical decisions to reach your objectives and gain a competitive edge under even the most...

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