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  • Teach Elephant to Dance:  Exec Summary

    Ebooks · Dec 2020 · Provided By Red Hat

    Over time, enterprise applications can devolve into the stereotypical elephant—opaque, cumbersome, and slow to adapt to changes. These elephants can be trained to be nimble and transformative, as long as there is a clear vision of the final state and the people, process, and technology changes to support it. This...

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  • Transformation Takes Practice ebook

    Ebooks · Nov 2020 · Provided By Red Hat

    It is a question asked time and again by business leaders: Why are so many digital transformation efforts failing? In this e-book, we’ll explore how open transformation— the process of probing, sensing, and responding in a collaborative, continuous cycle of discovery and delivery—leads to more meaningful outcomes in software development,...

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  • Teaching an Elephant How to Dance - Red Hat

    Ebooks · Oct 2018 · Provided By Red Hat

    Digital transformation is a strategic change for businesses. It allows companies to pivot their core services as competitive pressures change, or as new regulations emerge, and to roll out updates as soon as a vulnerability is discovered. However, there is no common definition of digital transformation aside from “changing things.”...

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  • Teaching An Elephant To Dance - Intentional evolution across teams, processes, and applications

    Ebooks · Oct 2018 · Provided By Red Hat

    This e-book examines the stages of “Digital Darwinism” and helps you determine how your organization should evolve to effectively control your digital transformation taking your technology “elephant” and design it to be agile, process-driven, and adaptive. Digital transformation Digital transformation is a strategic change for businesses. It allows companies...

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