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  • Finding flexibility with microservices, containers, and runtimes

    White Papers · Oct 2018 · Provided By Red Hat

    Developing software using microservice design is the hot new approach. Microservices promise implementation flexibility, graceful scaling, faster delivery, and higher resiliency. But comprehensive microservice architectures are too complex for most enterprise AD&D teams, so developers are finding pragmatic and incremental ways to gain the benefits of microservice design via new...

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  • Red Hat Openshift Application Runtimes

    White Papers · Sep 2018 · Provided By Red Hat

    In today’s digital world, software strategy is central to business strategy. To stay competitive, organizations need customized software applications to meet their unique needs — from customer engagements to new product and services development. Therefore, the need to speed up application development, testing, delivery, and deployment is becoming a necessary...

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  • Red Hat ROI Analysis

    White Papers · Jan 2016 · Provided By Red Hat

    Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) retains all of the innovation of the WildFly community project (formerly known as JBoss Application Server). But only a subscription to JBoss EAP meets the demanding requirements for mission-critical applications and includes the assurance of service-level agreement (SLA)-based support, patches, updates, and...

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  • Doing More With Less: How Red Hat Enterprise Linux shrinks total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to Windows

    White Papers · Nov 2013 · Provided By Red Hat

    IT organizations face the constant challenge of juggling two almost opposing priorities: continuously delivering business-critical application services while keeping IT expenses in line with budget constraints. The primary function of IT departments is to supply core infrastructure and applications to attract new business, generate revenue, and facilitate profitability—and IT managers...

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