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  • 2019 Trustwave Global Security Report

    White Papers · Jul 2019 · Provided By Singtel

    It is our privilege to present the 2019 Trustwave Global Security Report, our latest contribution to one of the most important crime stories of our time. Use the vast insights and hard data contained in this report to help bolster your security posture and better understand the nature of...

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  • Data breaches and identity theft eBook by Singtel

    White Papers · Jul 2019 · Provided By Singtel

    Staying vigilant and being prepared will help to mitigate threats in your cyber blind spot. Realise the impact and best practices to meet today's challenges. With this eBook, uncover: The mechanic: How data breaches and identity theft occur Best practices: How companies can safeguard themselves Managing stakeholders:...

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  • Beating Tech at its Game: Use Software-Defined LAN to Win in Retail

    White Papers · Jun 2019 · Provided By Singtel

    Offering in-store Wi-Fi is fast becoming an integral part of retail and hospitality businesses. Wireless technology can help retailers improve their operating profit by nearly 9% with a return on investment of 175%. More and more businesses are recognising that arming retail staff with tablets to process payment anywhere in...

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  • Web Application Security Services

    White Papers · May 2019 · Provided By Singtel

    Explore why Web Application Security Services are vital to secure your web applications and servers against data breaches, ransomware and other cyber threats. In this Resource you will also find: The Importance of Safeguarding your Digital Assets such as websites Detect and stop malicious requests from reaching...

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  • Singtel Office 365 Protect Infographic

    White Papers · Apr 2019 · Provided By Singtel

    Email is a big part of our daily work. With more than half of cybercrimes involving email, your business might be more vulnerable than you think. In this infographic, find out how you can enable your workforce to work securely with Office 365 Protect.

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  • Data Breaches and Identity Theft through Hacking

    White Papers · Mar 2019 · Provided By Singtel

    The cyber security industry is expanding rapidly. But alongside the constant evolution and addition of security solutions and defence specialists, cyberattacks, data breaches and hackers also seem to be more prevalent with each passing year.While there are different ways in which a data breach can occur, this paper discusses how...

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  • Make the Seamless Transition to the Cloud

    White Papers · Feb 2019 · Provided By Singtel

    Going to the cloud is the key step in successful digital transformation for most companies. However, the transition can be challenging for organisations which seek to completely shift operations to the cloud.

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  • Give Your Business Access to World-class Hosting Services

    White Papers · Feb 2019 · Provided By Singtel

    As businesses embark on digital transformation for more competitiveness and efficiency, they sometimes face barriers to maximising the full potential of their IT infrastructure. Traditional IT infrastructure is complex, and expensive, requiring specialised IT skills and big IT budgets. For small and medium-sized businesses, purchasing, installing, and managing such infrastructure...

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  • Cyber Tactical Wargame and SAE & Phishing

    White Papers · Dec 2018 · Provided By Singtel

    To safeguard your business against Cyber attacks,data breaches and Phishing, it is crucial that your employees know what to do when your business comes under threat. Find out how SingTel's Security Awareness Education and the Cyber Tactical Wargame Course are designed to prepare your team for this purpose.

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  • Security On the Go

    White Papers · Oct 2018 · Provided By Singtel

    As cyberattacks continue in scope and volume, organisations need to ensure all connected devices which access their networks are secured against cyberthreats. With an increasingly mobile workforce working on-the-go from their laptops, tablets and other personal mobile devices, effective endpoint security needs to take into account mobile devices...

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