6 tips for structuring after-hours service support


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  • Published April 20, 2021
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Staffing, coordinating and fulfilling technical services and support are among business’ most complex challenges. In addition to needing to recruit, train and retain professional and technically proficient employees and contractors across a range of positions—including help desk staff, support technicians, network administrators, systems engineers, project managers and IT directors—organizations must collect and administer technical and professional talent in a way that fulfills an organization’s technical needs. Add the need to accommodate after-hours services, and the already complex challenge becomes that much more difficult.

Organizations, of course, don’t wish to hear the long, comprehensive list of valid reasons why delivering qualified technical service and support, and problem resolution quickly, is so difficult. Nor do firms wish to hear how providing rapid after-hours service, or support on popular holidays, exponentially complicates success. Nevertheless, all the corresponding challenges remain real and valid.

But what should an organization do when the complexities of its operations, budget restrictions or other factors require that after-hours and holidays services and support be fulfilled exclusively using internal resources?

Here are six recommendations, from TechRepublic Premium, for effectively structuring technical service and support during non-traditional work hours.

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