Quick glossary: Backup solutions


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  • Published February 6, 2020
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The practical implementation of effective backup solutions can be overwhelmed by jargon and cryptic terminology. This quick glossary from TechRepublic Premium can help you understand these concepts and provide a framework for learning to master the art of data backup procedures and solutions.

From the Glossary:

Data is arguably the most important product produced by any modern business enterprise. Whether its data on when an integral manufacturing machine will require maintenance, or data revealing patterns of customer behavior, or data that supports an employee’s authentication credentials, it is all vital to the operation of a business enterprise. Therefore, data, in all its various forms, must be protected and preserved.

Factor the overall importance of data in with the fact that criminals with malicious intent are persistently searching for ways to access it, and you can understand why efficient and effective backup solutions are as essential to businesses as they ever have been. With the right backup protocols, IT experts can ensure data integrity is maintained regardless of security breaches, natural disasters, or internal malfeasance.

While the general concept of backing up data is straightforward, the practical implementation of effective backup solutions can be overwhelmed by the use of jargon and cryptic terminology. This Quick glossary: Backup solutions, from TechRepublic Premium, explains some of the terminology used when discussing the implementation of backup solutions and protocols in your business.

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