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  • Published January 29, 2020
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Now that 5G access is becoming available in major US cities, it may significantly impact how businesses use the Internet of Things (IoT). 5G promises higher bandwidth and ultra-reliable, low latency communications, which are needed for the next generation of IoT devices to drive the digital transformation of business processes, transportation, smart IT, and public safety.

But are businesses ready to embrace 5G, and will it accelerate their IoT implementations? To better understand where companies stand on their 5G and IoT journeys, TechRepublic Premium conducted an online survey in January 2020 to measure how 5G is affecting IoT projects.

Survey respondents answered the following questions:

  • Is the availability of 5G accelerating IoT projects in your organization?
  • How is the availability of 5G accelerating IoT projects in your organization?
  • Why isn't the availability of 5G accelerating IoT projects in your organization?
  • What IoT projects will your company undertake as a result of 5G availability?
  • What is your company's level of interest in 5G technology?
  • How do you think 5G will affect your business overall?
  • What may hinder your 5G adoption?

Survey results showed that more than half of respondents (56%) say the availability of 5G is not accelerating IoT projects in their organization. The biggest reason, cited by 35%, is that 4G works fine. Almost a third of respondents don't have IoT initiatives planned, and 28% lack the resources to deploy it faster.

For the 44% of respondents who are planning to accelerate IoT projects thanks to 5G, most (74%) are drawn to the faster access provided by the technology. More bandwidth and better reliability excited, 68% and 63% of respondents, respectively.

IoT projects companies are undertaking as a result of 5G availability remain varied. More than half of respondents (61%) plan to use 5G to remotely monitor assets in the field; while 49% want to control machines remotely, and 44% plan to use location awareness and indoor mapping for machine learning and tracking high-value assets.

To read all of the results from the survey, plus analysis, download the full report.

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