Why career road maps attract and retain support technicians


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  • Published March 24, 2021
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One way to attract and retain professional support staff and maintain an engaged help desk is by building individual career plans for each employee. Planning growth paths, building career ladders and providing a road map charting the route whereby employees can develop new skills, experience and even specific accreditations and certifications are effective methods for enhancing job satisfaction, improving engagement, promoting retention and assisting productivity. Learn more in this PDF download from TechRepublic Premium.

From the download:

Hiring and retaining capable help desk personnel and support technicians are challenges for any organization. Support staff require both technical knowledge and communication skills if they’re to succeed in the role, yet technically competent and polished communicators are often recruited for other companies or quickly move into other positions within the firms where they work, where such skills and talents are often viewed as having greater impact. As labor markets tighten following the widely expected economic recovery in the COVID-19 pandemic’s wake, such problems will only increase.

Continually moving employees out of support roles, however, can introduce a variety of different problems. Help desk service quality can suffer and impact production across multiple departments. Morale­—not just within the information technology department—can subsequently plummet, thereby leading to a cascading effect that’s felt throughout the entire organization.

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