Live Webcast: 10 Measurements that Make Data Actionable

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Provided by: Looker
Topic: Data Management
Format: Webcast
When measuring something new, the hardest question is often the first one: What is the most informative and helpful way to measure this? In this webinar, we'll revisit the basics of “ways to measure things” and discover a practical methodology for identifying informative and actionable metrics. We’ll discuss ways things can go wrong, and how improved communication, collaboration, and open feedback between analysts and end-users help prevent setbacks. We'll also explore the specifics of some of the most helpful analyses.
This session sheds light on:
  • Cohort analysis: How do you define your groups?
  • Sequencing: Do attributes of the first order affect subsequent orders?
  • Probability: How likely is a user to buy x if they bought y?

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