7 steps: Learn how to migrate to Linux desktop


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  • Published July 8, 2021
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Many businesses depends on Linux and open source in the data center or any number of Linux-based virtual machines hosted on a third-party cloud service. So why are you continuing to ignore Linux on the desktop? Is it because Windows is simply the desktop operating system you’ve always used and can’t figure out a reason to make the switch? Or are you afraid your end-users won’t be able to accept that drastic change? Given that so much of what users do these days happens within a web browser, using a less-than-reliable and easily broken OS as Windows should be a no-brainer of a switch.

It isn’t.

But it’s not impossible.

Although your business might have serious investments in deploying Windows to the desktop, there’s no reason why you cannot start a slow migration to a cheaper, more reliable solution.

This article, from TechRepublic Premium, tell you how by breaking it down into seven steps and providing an accompanying checklist.

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