Acceptable computer use during a pandemic policy


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  • Published August 20, 2020
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The Acceptable Computer Use During a Pandemic Policy from TechRepublic Premium describes the procedures the organization’s employees and representatives must adopt when using organization-provided applications, data, equipment, solutions, systems, and information, regardless of the location from which the organization employee or representative is physically working. The policy applies during the COVID-19 pandemic beginning March 2020 through the date the organization formally issues written notification stating pandemic-adjusted operations have ended.


The purpose of the Acceptable Computer Use During a Pandemic Policy is to define and educate employees and representatives to pandemic-necessitated acceptable computer use changes and the corresponding subsequent risks and responsibilities those adjustments impose. The policy seeks to protect organization applications, data, equipment, information, policies, procedures, and systems from unauthorized access, compromise, corruption, damage, observation, or improper use and temporarily replaces the organization’s standard Acceptable Computer Use Policy.

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