Big data and IoT: Benefits, drawbacks, usage trends (TechRepublic Premium)


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  • Published October 23, 2017
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Here are some key findings from the report:

  • Almost a third (29%) of respondent organizations have conducted a big data implementation (the same number as reported in 2015).
  • Hadoop is the big data analytic tool most commonly in use (27%) but “None” was selected by 22% of respondents.
  • 21% of companies have implemented IoT systems to collect external (marketplace) or internal (operations) data and another 35% plan to do so.
  • Security monitoring tools/sensors, automation tools/sensors and environmental tools/sensors are the most common IoT devices respondents are planning to implement.
  • “No business need in our organization” was cited as the top reason against IoT systems for data collection, followed by “unsure of the value it may bring” and “we don’t have the expertise.”
  • The most common IoT/big data problems or drawbacks respondents identified were: “complexity of our environment has grown,” “cost has exceeded our expectations,” “staff has not had sufficient training/expertise” and “support issues.”
  • The three top future plans for big data/IoT were: “we will update our implementation to take advantage of new or improved technology,” “we will utilize the cloud/off-premises solutions” and “we will tie it into automation.”

For more findings and analysis, download the full report.

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