Checklist: True network and systems security requires starting with fundamentals


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  • Published August 7, 2019
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Cybersecurity demands and the stakes of failing to properly secure systems and networks are so great that many information technology security professionals are considering surrender. According to a recent survey and analysis conducted by ZDNet, information security professionals report being so overworked and correspondingly stressed that some 64% have considered leaving their jobs and some 63% have considered leaving the field entirely.

Ironically, the need for such services is almost universally predicted to increase, and there’s already a documented shortage of such expertise.

Where to start? Just what elements should be tracked and addressed when there are seemingly so many threats from so many directions?

That’s where a network and systems security checklist can help. If checklists can coordinate the complexities and manage the life-and-death risks associated with commercial flight, then they can also assist information security professionals in identifying and managing cyberthreats.

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