Cybersecurity strategy: New tactics, implementation challenges and effectiveness


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  • Published February 25, 2020
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Security. In a single word you can stop IT pros in their tracks. With each passing year, network and system security becomes more of a challenge. And with the added bonus of containers, clouds, and edge computing, the issue of security has solidified its place at the top of every business’ list of concerns.

TechRepublic Premium ran a cybersecurity strategy survey to find out where companies and admins stand on the subject of security. Twelve questions were asked, each of which was geared toward better understanding where businesses stand on various topics. The results were telling, and indicated that modern technology is often a stumbling block and the confidence is only marginal at best.

In the report the following questions were answered:

  • Who is responsible for creating your company's cybersecurity strategy?
  • What best describes your company's cybersecurity strategy?
  • What elements are included in your company's cybersecurity strategy?
  • What new tactics has your company added to its strategy in the past 12 months?
  • What are the biggest challenges your company has faced when implementing a cybersecurity strategy
  • How confident are you in the cybersecurity measures your company is currently taking?
  • Does your company require multi-factor authentication to access sensitive data and accounts?
  • And more!

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