Cybersecurity strategy research: Common tactics, issues with implementation, and effectiveness


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  • Published March 27, 2018
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It’s one thing for a company to create a cybersecurity strategy, but it’s another thing entirely to put strategy into practice. In February 2018, Tech Pro Research surveyed 236 professionals, aiming to find out how companies are doing in both areas.

The survey contained the following questions:

  • Does your company have a formal, written cybersecurity policy? Does it get regular updates?
  • What tactics does your company’s cybersecurity strategy contain?
  • Has your company added new cybersecurity measures in the past year? If so, what where they?
  • What, if any, challenges has your company faced when implementing cybersecurity policies?
  • How confident are you in the cybersecurity measures your company is currently taking?

Overall, the results showed that most companies are using multiple tactics to protect themselves from breaches and attacks, so nobody’s falling short in that area. Problems may lie, however, in implementing security measures.

Many respondents said that employee cooperation was a stumbling block, and fewer, but still significant groups of respondents said that buy-in from leadership and getting adequate funding were challenges. It’s possible that these issues led a majority of respondents to answer that they’re only slightly or moderately confident in their company’s ability to prevent cybersecurity incidents.

To read all the results from the survey, plus analysis, download the full report. For a comprehensive look at cybersecurity risk management strategies, check out this ZDNet/TechRepublic special feature.

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