Data center automation research report 2018: Despite growth in data, automation adoption remains slow


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  • Published October 29, 2018
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Despite an increase in the amount of data stored and used in the enterprise, data center automation adoptions appear sluggish. To better understand how companies automate their data centers, including what they're automating and what their concerns are, Tech Pro Research conducted an online survey in September 2018. According to the survey, 60% of professionals who responded have not automated any data center functions.

The survey asked the following questions:

  • Which of the following best describes your organization's use of, or plans for, data center automation?
  • Why has your organization decided against automating or planning to automate some data center functions?
  • Which data center functions are you currently automating?
  • Which tools, if any, are you using to automate data center functions?
  • What has been your biggest challenge with data center automation?
  • What value have you seen from data center automation?
  • What skills did you need for the projects that current staff didn't already have?
  • Has your organization hired anyone to assist with data center automation?

Companies currently automating functions report seeing real value. Operational efficiency and lighter staff workloads were just two of the benefits mentioned. Of those respondents who plan to automate their data centers, 63% hope to see improved operational efficiency.

With its solid presence in the enterprise technology market, it's not surprising that Microsoft remains the tool of choice for automation for 48% of respondents, followed by Git (38%).

In response to why an organization decided against automation, respondents point out that budget and security concerns, as well as, lack of in-house talent prevented their companies from pursuing automation.

This report contains all the data, plus analysis, from the survey. For details on future Tech Pro Research surveys, follow us on Facebook,Twitter, or LinkedIn.

To read all of the results from the survey, plus analysis, download the full report Data center automation research report 2018: Despite growth in data, automation adoption remains slow.

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