Feature comparison: Social media management tools


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  • Published April 7, 2019
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Social media can be the most effective way to reach a large and receptive audience with your organization's message. These guidelines and accompanying comparison tool will provide decision makers with a framework for documenting their search for the best social media solutions.

From the guidelines:

Social media engagement can play a vital role in the marketing and branding strategy of any business enterprise. It can be the most effective way to reach a large and receptive audience with your organization’s most authentic branded message. In fact, in some extreme cases, no other marketing strategy can come close to matching social media’s reach and effectiveness.

However, achieving that level of effective social media engagement does not come to pass without a sophisticated, documented, and repeatable strategy. There is more to “being authentic” than merely being honest or forthcoming with relevant information. Successful social media marketing campaigns, branding, and audience engagement require a strategic plan of action matched with appropriate management tools, services, and software.

Finding your organization’s authentic social media voice entails a thorough and careful analysis of exactly what you want to accomplish with a marketing campaign, including determining the target audience and the most effective outlets to reach it. Social media management tools, services, and software can help decision makers formulate their most effective social media strategy, but only if the tools properly complement the organization’s methodology.

Researching social media tools, services, and software, collating desired features, assessing effectiveness, and narrowing potential candidates will require a comprehensive strategy. These guidelines and comparison tool will help your decision makers evaluate available social media solutions and find the best ones for your business.

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