Hardware inventory policy


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  • Published August 3, 2020
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This policy describes guidelines your organization can follow to track, process, and decommission IT equipment.

From the policy:

The organization’s IT hardware inventory constitutes a significant capital investment, and holding organization data, requires the organization to track each component from purchase and deployment to decommissioning and disposal. This policy describes which components are subject to the policy, how and when the organization updates its hardware inventory, steps the organization must take when equipment is missing, and the decommissioning and disposal process.

This policy applies to all IT staff, including executives, directors, managers, engineers, technicians, and part-time employees and interns.

There are no exceptions to this policy.

Policy details
The organization’s IT hardware equipment is purchased and/or leased and provided to staff members by the organization for the sole purpose of processing company-related communications and information and fulfilling professional responsibilities for the organization.

Covered equipment
This policy applies to all of the organization’s hardware components, including but not limited to:

Servers, desktop computers, computer displays, televisions, laptops, tablet computers, printers, smartphones, cable modems, routers, network switches, battery backups, telephone equipment, scanners, audio equipment, security cameras, digital video recorders, Bluetooth accessories, input devices, external hard drives, flash memory drives, KVM switches, wireless access points, telecommunications equipment, telephone handsets, projectors, paging equipment, storage area network devices, and AV equipment, including scanners.

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