Hiring kit: Computer Systems Analyst


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  • Published April 17, 2019
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Designing, implementing, and maintaining information systems for most business enterprises is the responsibility of the Computer Systems Analyst. This kit contains a job description, sample interview questions, and a basic want ad to help you find, interview, recruit, and hire the best candidates for an open Computer Systems Analyst position.

From the job description:

Information systems, communications networks, and the technology that makes them possible are the bedrock components every modern business enterprise needs to operate effectively and successfully. Everything from basic email to financial management to sophisticated cloud computing services begins and ends with well-maintained and always available information technology systems. Designing, implementing, and maintaining such systems for most organizations is the responsibility of the computer systems analyst.

As an experienced professional trained in both the technical and the business side of operations, the Computer Systems Analyst often acts as a management liaison, finding and implementing the most effective technical solutions based on data collected, cajoled, and gleaned from business operations personnel. As a result, the best candidates for Computer Systems Analyst must have exemplary technical capabilities as well as strong soft skills.

One of the primary roles a Computer Systems Analyst plays within a business is that of change advocate. As technological innovation advances, new and improved ways of conducting business become available. In many instances, businesses that show initiative and implement those new technologies first will earn a competitive advantage. A good Computer Systems Analyst must be able to identify opportunities, communicate the benefits to management, implement the strategic plan, and measure its success.

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