Hiring Kit: CRM Developer


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  • Published September 29, 2020
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Finding a strong candidate for an open CRM Developer position with experience in the right CRM platform for your business will require a comprehensive recruitment process. This Hiring Kit from TechRepublic Premium provides an adjustable framework your business can use to find, recruit, and ultimately hire the right person for the job.

From the Hiring Kit:


Depending on the nature of the industry, the degree of success which can be achieved by a business is determined, at least in part, by its ability to master customer resource management (CRM). Attracting new customers, satisfying customer needs, and retaining current customers, requires the establishment of personal connections, regardless of the numbers.

To achieve a personal customer connection even when there are thousands of customers, businesses have turned to customer resource management software and services. These platforms automate many aspects of a customer relationship and maintain that relationship even when an employee of the business cannot. The most sophisticated aspects of these systems require the deft touch of a CRM Developer.

The CRM Developer designs, codes, and implements applications that leverage the features of a particular CRM platform. These unique applications are designed to meet specific business needs and strategic objectives. The recruitment of CRM developers is often tied to the specific CRM platform—for example, a business using the Salesforce platform will likely recruit a CRM developer candidate with Salesforce platform experience.

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