Hiring Kit: Marketing Manager


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  • Published August 3, 2021
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Just because an organization objectively produces the best product on the market or provides superior service for its customers does not mean that the organization is also guaranteed success. In a crowded and global marketplace, organizations have to step out and above the competition with an effective strategic marketing scheme.

To develop and implement this effective marketing and branding strategy, organizations employ a Marketing Manager. These individuals are responsible for formulating the strategic plan which governs everything from logos, color palettes, jingles, branding, marketing, advertising, and community image. How an organization is viewed by everyone, whether customers, competitors, or the general public is a product of the strategic marketing plan developed by the Marketing Manager.

Therefore, the role of Marketing Manager exists at the executive level and individuals occupying the position are expected to have substantial experience, impeccable business and industry knowledge, and a portfolio of previously successful marketing strategies.

Recruiting a Marketing Manager with the right combination of experience and proven skill will require a comprehensive screening process. This Hiring Kit: Marketing Manager, from TechRepublic Premium, provides an adjustable framework your business can use to find, recruit, and ultimately hire the right person for the job.

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