How to view and monitor log files in Linux


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  • Published April 5, 2021
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If you’re a systems administrator, you know the importance of log files. Without those crucial bits of saved information, you might not know where to start troubleshooting issues on your servers. With that information on hand, you are empowered to not only troubleshoot but better optimize your servers for the task at hand.

If you’ve been a Windows admin for years, you know how to view the necessary log files. But what about those Linux servers that are now taking over your data center and populating your cloud hosts? You’ll need to know how to view those log files as well. And since you might be looking at an unfamiliar platform, it might behoove you to get to know how to monitor those Linux log files.

This article from TechRepublic Premium is here to help. Learn all you need to know to get yourself started on viewing Linux log files. You may discover it might has everything you need to be an effective Linux troubleshooter.

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