Interview questions: Android developer


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  • Published August 24, 2016
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This set of interview questions will help your HR department identify the best candidates to fill the position of Android developer. And if you’re considering applying for this job role yourself, the questions will help you prep for the interview process.

For an overview of specific job responsibilities and required skills for the Android developer position, check out our companion job description.

Android developers are responsible for creating and maintaining mobile apps that exist on the Android mobile operating system. They’ll need to have a thorough understanding of the Android SDK and how it works with different devices and screen sizes, along with a working knowledge of the company’s infrastructure and industry needs, so they can meet the firm’s requirements.

They will also be expected to work in a team environment and communicate effectively with management and with other departments. Enthusiasm for a positive user experience is important. They must have a strong knowledge of all versions of Android and be able to keep up with new iterations.

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