IT budget trends 2015 (TechRepublic Premium)


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  • Published June 28, 2017
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From the report:

The job of an IT leader is not an easy one. The operation and productivity of most organizations depends overwhelmingly on just how effective and efficient their technology is. With that in mind, you would think that the IT budget would be a top priority, but that is generally not the case.

IT is still seen as a burden — a necessary evil — for many businesses. Companies recognize the value that IT brings when everything is working, but are often reluctant to devote any more money than absolutely necessary for the IT budget.

At a high level, this report is about IT budget trends — how much money are companies spending, and is it more or less than last year. That is great information in and of itself, but we also wanted to dig deeper. We set out to understand why the budget is increasing or decreasing, what the process is for determining the annual IT budget, what level are the IT budget decisions being made at, and what technologies or business goals are driving the IT budget.

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