IT expense reimbursement policy


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  • Published February 15, 2021
  • Topic TechRepublic Premium
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The Information Technology (IT) Expense Reimbursement Policy from TechRepublic Premium describes the technology expenses eligible for reimbursement and the process for submitting and receiving reimbursement for such expenses.

From the policy:


The policy’s purpose is to define for employees and authorized representatives the technology-related purchases eligible for reimbursement. The policy also seeks to ensure all expenses are properly reported, processed, and reimbursed.

This policy, from TechRepublic Premium, can be customized as needed to fit the needs of your organization.


All authorized employees, contractors, volunteers, board members, and representatives are covered by the policy’s terms. Individuals are only authorized to receive technology-related expense reimbursements if their engagement or job offer letter specifically states approved technology expenses will be reimbursed.

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