MSP best practices: Server deployment checklist


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  • Published July 15, 2020
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The bread and butter task—server deployments—most managed services providers (MSPs) perform is, unfortunately, also among the most dangerous to client relationships. Deploying new servers and replacing old production servers are especially sensitive responsibilities technology consultancies commonly complete. Yet, server projects present numerous dangers, as clients’ production environments are dependent upon proper backend performance and errors or oversights subsequently prove frustrating and disruptive.

Avoid such crises by carefully performing due diligence and, once complete, using that server deployment checklist to ensure that technicians and engineers don’t overlook critical steps, settings, and components the project planning surfaced as necessary.

You can start with a basic template, like the one provided by TechRepublic Premium, and adjust individual steps to closely match the requirements of any one-off project, no matter how intricate the server deployment becomes. By covering the basics, and checking off specific tasks as they are completed, you can best control the ultimate outcome.

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