Office relocation checklist


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  • Published April 28, 2019
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Whether moving a headquarters or branch office, site relocations are among the most demanding projects IT professionals must address. From power and wiring dependencies to circuit and facilities requirements, numerous elements require careful planning and tracking to ensure that critical facets aren’t overlooked.

This checklist includes three key worksheets to help you cover all the bases:
  • A detailed project plan that lists and describes each step
  • An equipment and services list
  • A contact list
You can use the checklist to implement your project plan and track all equipment and services that must be accommodated in the move. The contact list will let you record important email addresses and phone numbers for stakeholders—a cheat sheet that often proves invaluable when you need to track down key personnel quickly. Without such tools, office relocations can quickly descend into time- and money-wasting chaos.

In the commotion of an office move, in which employees, workstations, furniture, network and server components, printers, audio and video equipment, security systems, and other critical items must all be moved with a minimum of downtime, numerous dependencies are often overlooked. For example, in a move’s confusion, it’s easy to forget that IT staff can’t set up critical employees’ computers and get them up and running at a new site if desks and network connections haven’t first been set up in those employees’ workspaces. Similarly, IT pros can’t begin firing up domain controllers and network switches at a new site until its server room, network closets, and power requirements are ready to go live. And they can’t install and light the new site’s wireless network if electricians didn’t properly run network drops to the planned wireless access point locations.

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