Quick glossary: Cybersecurity attacks


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  • Published October 20, 2019
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It does not matter whether your organization is a huge multinational business enterprise or a one-person operation, at some point your computer networks and systems will be attacked by someone with criminal intent. Cybersecurity attacks, in all their various forms, are inevitable and relentless.

According to studies released in support of October 2019’s 16th Annual National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, more than half of surveyed companies have had a serious data breach in the past three years. Since, no computer network or system is immune from a cybersecurity attack, it is vitally important that everyone familiarize themselves with the various types of attacks being employed by malicious criminals.

This Quick Glossary: Cybersecurity attacks, from TechRepublic Premium, explains the terminology behind the most common cybersecurity attacks in use today and will help you understand what vulnerabilities are being targeted and what you should look for as you attempt to counteract their impact.

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