Quick glossary: Encryption


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  • Published August 22, 2018
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Encryption is vital to the success of every business that shares or transfers sensitive data via the internet. But encryption can be difficult to understand if you aren’t sure what the terminology refers to. This glossary will help you decipher the meaning of encryption terms and concepts.

From the glossary:

For the modern business enterprise, overall success is often dependent on the ability to effectively share, transfer, and process vast amounts of data. Much of this shared data is sensitive and must be protected wherever it travels on the network. The best way to accomplish this important task is with sophisticated encryption systems.

Two of the more common encryption systems in use today for businesses and organizations worldwide are Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security. These common protocols use mathematical calculations and certified authorities to create a secure method for sharing data with computer systems connected via the internet.

This encryption process is effortless and seamless from the perspective of the user but tends to be more complicated for the businesses implementing the encryption protocols on their systems. This complexity is further exacerbated by the technical jargon often used to describe the various aspects of encryption protocols. This glossary of 22 terms will catch you up on the encryption vocabulary and help you make sense of this important security infrastructure.

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