What are mobile VPN apps and why you should be using them


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  • Published September 9, 2021
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When you think of VPNs, chances are pretty good your thoughts go to the tried and true Virtual Private Networks of old, which made it possible for you to securely connect to your company network (from a remote location) such that your local computer behaved as if it were within the company LAN. Before cloud solutions, this was the best (and often) only solution for remote working.

For the most part, those solutions were considered secure. Once connected, your machine would be given an IP address associated with the topology of your company network and, if configured to do so, would also use the same DNS servers as your company LAN. VPNs were a very specific technology that required a specific skill set to set up properly. And although VPNs are still in use today, they have (in many instances) have been usurped by cloud solutions. After all, using a cloud platform is not only easier, it’s more cost-effective and secure.

But with more modern technology and sensibilities, there’s a new type of VPN that is far more commonly used than those of old. These VPNs are less about connecting you to your company network and more about adding a layer of privacy to the platforms we use. And although these new world order VPNs go by the same name, they are a different breed of technology.

Learn more about these VPNs, how they work and why you need them in this PDF download from TechRepublic Premium.

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