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  • Entrust Identity as a Service

    Ebooks · May 2021 · Provided By Entrust

    Enterprises today are dynamic and ever evolving. Passwords and other legacy authentication methods just don’t cut it anymore. As enterprises transform digitally, they need authentication solutions that tie seamlessly into today’s working environment and the needs of today’s users - as well as a foundation for future needs and growth....

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  • Identity and Access Management Solutions for Banks

    Ebooks · May 2021 · Provided By Entrust

    Customer satisfaction is the key to staying competitive and growing your customer base. Old authentication processes cost you customers, efficiency and branch profits. Give your customers an omni-channel experience with instant and secure online access from their device of choice. Keep customers - and attract more - with Entrust Identity.

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  • Maximizing business continuity with VMware in the cloud

    Ebooks · May 2021 · Provided By IBM

    Improving IT resiliency and maintaining business continuity are more important than ever for any enterprise in the digital era. The flexibility and agility of cloud makes it an optimal solution to maintain business continuity. The cloud can mitigate risks of downtime ensuring continuous business operations. In fact, most IT decisionmakers...

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  • DDoS Defense in a Hybrid Cloud World

    Ebooks · Mar 2021 · Provided By Akamai

    DDoS, one of the oldest types of cyberthreats, continues to pose major security risks for virtually every type of enterprise — small and large alike. And while some organizations might believe they’re a low-risk target, the growing reliance on internet connectivity to power business-critical applications leaves everyone exposed to downtime...

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  • Hacking Active Directory – From a Pen Tester

    Ebooks · Nov 2020 · Provided By Quest Software

    Globally, more than 95 percent of Fortune 1000 companies rely on Active Directory (AD) for authentication and single-sign-on support for their user populations. As it is nearly everywhere – in every company, organization and government agency – this makes AD a primary target for attackers looking to steal your...

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  • Web Application and API Protection Capabilities Checklist

    Ebooks · Oct 2020 · Provided By Akamai

    Deploying a web application and API security solution is often a complex process. Organizations considering implementation of a new solution are likely also optimizing a current information security strategy to help address their unique risks and security gaps. In our new checklist, you’ll discover the important categories organizations should focus...

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  • Prepare your mission-critical SAP workloads for migration to S/4HANA using SUSE on AWS

    Ebooks · Oct 2020 · Provided By SUSE

    If you are like most organisations that are still running mission-critical SAP applications on-premises, you have most likely wondered about migrating them to the cloud. In today's fast-paced world it is harder than ever before to justify the money and the time you spend to maintain data centers. Discover...

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  • Hybrid Cloud Strategy for Dummies E-book_APAC

    Ebooks · Sep 2020 · Provided By Red Hat

    Cloud computing is proliferating and taking over the world of IT as we know it. Cloud computing also grows more complex and multi-faceted daily. Jumping onto the cloud is easy, but getting it right is somewhat trickier. Learn more in this hybrid cloud strategy e-book from Red Hat and Intel.

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  • Re-Thinking Digital Transformation

    Ebooks · Sep 2020 · Provided By LAB3

    How a managed, cloud-based container environment could differentiate your business in 2020 Australian businesses are on a definite march to cloud, with 42% of businesses already using paid cloud solutions. Yet creating, storing, and managing an ever-growing array of digital, cloud-based applications and solutions can be extremely challenging. In...

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  • Modern Application Development Security - eBook

    Ebooks · Sep 2020 · Provided By Synopsys

    DevSecOps has moved security front and center in the world of modern development; however, security and development teams are driven by different metrics, making objective alignment challenging. This is further exacerbated by the fact that most security teams lack an understanding of modern application development practices. The move to microservices-driven...

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