Feature comparison: Help desk ticket management solutions


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  • Published April 22, 2019
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Employees, customers, and vendors operating in complicated IT environments are going to run into technical problems requiring expert technical help and a system to support it. These guidelines, along with our feature comparison tool, establishes a framework your business can use to find, document, and deploy the best help desk management system for your business.

From the guidelines:

The typical activities of a growing business—hiring new employees, engaging new customers, deploying new hardware and software, and building the information technology infrastructure needed to accommodate all of it—will inevitably result in a much more complicated set of applications, interactions, and transactions. Employees, customers, and vendors operating in such an environment are going to run into IT-related problems that interfere with their normal workflow—problems that require expert technical help and a system to support it.

By deploying the right help desk ticket management system, successful growing businesses can document, manage, and solve technical problems for employees and customers systematically and efficiently. In this paradigm, a “ticket” represents documentation describing the problem, assigning the correct personnel to address it, prioritizing its status based on organizational policies, and eventually suggesting fixes or workarounds. The system allows stakeholders to view the status of a ticket at any time during the resolution process.

Finding the help desk ticket management software or system that best fits your business needs requires a thorough examination of exactly which features your system must provide. Starting with established business policies, your decision makers should consider how tickets will be tracked as they flow through the system, how they will be prioritized, how they will be assigned, and where they will be stored. A systematic approach to the decision-making process could go a long way toward eliminating future frustrations.

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