Hiring Kit: Video Game Animator


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  • Published April 18, 2021
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Recruiting a Video Game Animator with the right combination of experience and technical expertise will require a comprehensive screening process. This Hiring Kit, from TechRepublic Premium, provides an adjustable framework your business can use to find, recruit, and ultimately hire the right person for the job.

From the Hiring Kit:

Competing in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, video game developers are constantly searching for individuals with demonstrable talent. Job seekers with skills ranging from programming coder to professional musician will likely find numerous job listings related to the video game industry’s appetite for talented individuals to fill their ranks and develop their games.

Visual design, special effects, and animations are integral to the immersive player experience most modern video games are trying to achieve. Video game animators combine art and technology to create interactive animated images and environments for video games. In addition to traditional computer animation techniques, artists employ storytelling skills in their game designs, as well as movie production skills such as lighting, texture, and movement.

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