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New and experienced tech professionals alike know how difficult finding the right job could be. If you find yourself spinning your wheels looking for a new tech job, these PDF downloads from TechRepublic may be exactly what you need.

Whether you are just entering the tech industry and trying to figure out what kind of job you want or you're just looking to make a professional move, these downloads will help you get there. Job search strategies, interview tips, factors that go into salaries, and even a guide to help you figure out what kind of work is right for you can be found here.

10 mobile apps to simplify your job search

There's no reason to be chained to your desk to search for a job--these 10 job search platforms have mobile apps with some great unique features. Good&Co will guide you toward jobs based on your responses to personality quizzes, Monster Job Search feels like looking for a job on Tinder, and there's even Dice, which is built for tech professionals and also includes career guidance tips.

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10 websites that can help you find your next job

Anyone who has searched for a job in the past twenty or more years has probably done so online, and likely on one of the 10 websites covered in this guide. Not all job search sites are created equal, though, which is where this downloadable PDF comes in. Some of the most popular sites, like Indeed and LinkedIn, are broken down and explained in terms of why you should use them, what unique features they offer, and who they cater to.

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The driving force behind IT salaries in Global Knowledge's report

Global Knowledge is an organization that puts out a series of massive yearly reports about jobs in the tech industry. They're so massive, in fact, that it can be daunting to try to pick through them and find the info that's valuable for you. TechRepublic has done the digging for you and compiled the most important factors that go into earning a higher salary in the tech industry. If you've ever wondered why some tech professionals make so much, or what you need to do to earn a similar salary, this guide is for you.

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Interview tips: How to land your next tech job

First impressions matter, and none is more important than the first impression you leave on someone you want to work for. This guide will arm you with all the interview strategies you need to make that first impression a good one: From being prepared to talk about your past failures to being able to share how you think you'll fit, even those comfortable in interviews can find something they didn't know about before.

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Which IT job role is right (or wrong) for you?

The tech industry is like a little microcosm of the job market with people performing countless different roles. Some spend all day coding, and others interface with customers constantly as a support professional. Knowing which job is right for you is an important factor in deciding which certifications, training, and jobs to pursue. This guide describes a variety of positions in detail in an easy-to-digest format of "10 reasons a job may not be for you." If any of the descriptors sound unappealing you'll know to refocus your energy elsewhere.

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