Access Reporting - Month Order is aphabetically and I want chronological

By Cooper2251 ·
I have a report that collects monthly date by month name. When I print it, it comes out in alphabetical order rather than by month chronologically. How can I fix this? Frustrated. Probaly something simple, but I have tried all I know without success.

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Sort order

by Shellbot In reply to Access Reporting - Month ...

Need to set the sort order on the underlying query which the report is drawing the data from.

Are you a "user" or are you creating these reports?

If a user, do you have access to the designer?
If your developing, find the query getting the info and put a sort on the date

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Date Format?

by oldbaritone In reply to Access Reporting - Month ...

Is the report "collecting monthly date" from a text field or a date field? If you're pulling flat-text month name, it's a little more complicated; if it's a date field it should be easier to ORDER BY and get what you want.

If it's a text field, you might try converting it with DATEVALUE() to make it a number to get the sort you want.

And of course, you need "Design" access to the report.

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