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Are trainers accountable for employment?

By jdclyde ·
Jobless Woman Sues College for Tuition**

While I think it is silly, since she has only been out since April, and it doesn't say what she has done to seek employment, but it does bring up a good point.

A lot of people were getting directed into the Cisco Accadamy as "You can make a lot of money", and after a few semesters people would drop like flies. Cisco one of eight, started out with four classes with 24 students. At the end of the run at Cisco eight, there were only eight of us left.

If a college or place that provides cert training, what is their obligation to provide you with employment?

What if you never learned the topic well, or just don't interview well?

Are they also held accountable for a down market?

It will be interesting to see what the courts say.

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Only in as much as

by TonytheTiger In reply to Are trainers accountable ...

they do what they said they'd do.

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No obligation to provide employment

by CG IT In reply to Are trainers accountable ...

Unless the contract guarantees employment. No training center or school can guarantee employment.

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Computer Training dot com

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Are trainers accountable ...

As I mentioned in a different thread, I'm not surprised by the lawsuit itself, just with the defendant (college/university) cited.

Nothing causes me to grip the steering wheel tighter than "You could be on your way to a $50,000 job after only 6 months" coming onto the radio.

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IT Schools

by marie.truman In reply to Computer Training dot com

Those advertisements make me cringe and very angry. The commercials make it sound like a piece of cake and that you are guaranteed a job after completion. One school in particular makes me cringe as it reminds me of the "valley girl" stereo type. "Like, oh my god, I so want to barf...."

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Only male enhancement commercials...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to IT Schools

...are worse, in my opinion. I'll defend them a little by stating that they have to trend tacky due to the nature of the product.

IT schools have no such defense. Just terrible!

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A big difference

by jdclyde In reply to Only male enhancement com ...

they have hard facts to back up their claims....

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by NickNielsen In reply to A big difference

they have hard facts to back up their claims....

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Re: male enhancement

by michaeljonson In reply to Only male enhancement com ...

How do they come up with the names for these things? Male Enhancer  I mean come on! Anyway guys, if you really wanna feel confident about getting it up every time, I can recommend on a product called Virection that I use daily. It's natural and you don't need a prescription for it. Give it a shot?

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Depends on Advertising

by LarryD4 In reply to Are trainers accountable ...

Most acredited colleges and universities do not advertise anything about job placement. They may advertise job fairs that bring employers in to the school to meet the graduating student body, but they wouldn't open themselves up to guarenteeing job placement.

Now the technology schools, diploma or otherwise, run themselves on that fine line, when they advertise free placement assistance.

Schools are not responsible for job placement.

But if you can prove that the schools curriculm or educators did not cover backbone curriculum, resulting in the students inability to land a job, then thats another story.

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I often hear about percent of graduates finding a job

by jdclyde In reply to Depends on Advertising

of course, many of those hire their own graduates to artificially boost the placement.

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