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I studied BPEL in school. Could someone please give me a wlak through on how to code an order process in Eclipse using BPEL? Points I am familiar with:

Unfamiliar with:
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Please provide as much support as possible
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I worry here.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to BPEL coding

I brushed up what I remembered at and don't see how Eclipse is the end here.

That is you would have to subscribe to some services and work with them to develop your application.

-> Given what this system is, your support should be coming from the platform or service you signed up with.

But hey, here's Oracle for a beginning view on how to build your first BPEL system.

This tutorial further enforces my view this is nothing you should expect support for since it's custom to what you want to achieve and has far too many dependencies.

-> If you feel you have a good enough specification consider outsourcing such work on, or maybe

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by teaver123 In reply to BPEL coding

I found a website that has a BPEL walkthrough of helloworld. Can someone please code the BPEL source and give me any pointers like how to run tomcat with the webapps (if that is needed). The link is
It shouldn't be that complicated but please tell me if it is.

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Re: Eclipse

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Eclipse

In paragraph 3.6 of I read "You can use BPEL Source mode to view and edit the BPEL code generated by Eclipse BPEL Designer. This helps you to understand what the designer does, because everything you do in the designer is saved in standard BPEL source code. This also helps you to learn how BPEL generates code if you are not already familiar with it. "

Which makes me think you do the designing and Eclipse does the coding for you. I see no reason for anyone here to duplicate what Eclipse already does.

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