Broken Display Laptop, HDMI Not Working.

By rexfeliator ·
Tags: Windows, Hardware
A friend of mine gave me a decent specs laptop without a display, it was broken and dismantled apart. The system does boot up and works completly fine but the main problem is that there is no display to work with and log in for doing the Win + P method. I have tried connecting it to HDMI but the FN + F10 change display output does not work.
What could I do to make it connect to an external monitor or TV ?
Would VGA display be completly different and show up the log-in screen aswell?
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From this description the laptop does not work completely fine.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Broken Display Laptop, HD ...

But let's say you want to try to fix it. You write it doesn't have a display.

First step: Replace the missing parts then you can work on what else is broken or missing still.

Sometimes folk want to try to think of a laptop as a desktop PC which it is not and not all laptops can work without the laptop display. You left out the make, model and year of this laptop so no one can check out if there are parts out there and most of all, if it's worth doing. EXAMPLE: A neighbor has a complete laptop but it's a Pentium 2 model from years ago. Even with a Linux install it won't compete with what you can do with a 99 buck refurb Chromebook.

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It has been checked long ago by someone else and the hardware was fine.

by rexfeliator In reply to From this description the ...

It's a Lenovo Ideapad Z500, Model Name:5931 Mfd date 12/12/06.
As I've been told it has Intel core i3 and GeForce 635(Not sure), 6GB.Windows 10 OS. Can help

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The road to repair still is.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to It has been checked long ...

Replace missing and broken parts. Many use Ebay to find parts for less than the maker sells them for. Don't fall into that trap I noted where folk think they can turn a laptop into a desktop. I use a laptop like a desktop but said laptop is fully functional with it's display and all bits intact.

A quick look at ebay finds so many z500 parts that there must be thousands of this model that died to give up that many parts.

The display appears to be 95 bucks and you are just starting. I'd ebay that thing and put that to something that works. This laptop is a money pit or trap. You can avoid that if you are smart.

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This isn't that worth repairing at all

by rexfeliator In reply to The road to repair still ...

I see, that's what i thought too. That's why I looked for a replacement idea,to use it as some "desktop".
I've also got myself some older laptops that I don't really use. What if I dismantle an older one to see if the video cable matches and if it does, to see if the OS is still working and runs on that. Would that be a bad idea?

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I won't call it bad.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to This isn't that worth rep ...

Good way to learn more. But with what's going on in PCs over the next few years my advice to those with PCs and laptops in closets is "move them out." The majority of folk want Windows it seems and W11 as it is won't run on almost any PC I've seen to date. (No TPM, etc.)

So ebay those parts, get what you want and for God's sake, install Linux for the usual web access.

PSA: You don't need an Apple or Microsoft account to install, run or log into Linux.

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broken parts

by lewisisabellae In reply to Broken Display Laptop, HD ...

Replace broken parts first, and then it will be easier!

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