Can I screencast my shattered laptop screen to my other laptop?

By BeastySped ·
Tags: Hardware
I have two laptops, on one the bottom is busted right where the aux is and I cant use headphones, the other is almost brand new but I shattered the screen. The screen is completely dead and unusable. I would like to know if can mirror the display from the shattered laptop onto my good laptop so I can use my headphones again. From what I've seen you need to use the "project" option which needs permission from both devices, however I can't use one of the laptops. I have done the projection once before the screen was shattered if for some reason there is a shortcut or something I can use to project without the need for my screen. I also have a hdmi but upon connection it only receives audio from the broken laptop. Sorry if this was confusing or cluttered.

TLDR: two laptops, one screen completely dead, one fully functional, can I display shattered screen to non shattered screen so I can use headphones
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