Canon inkjet and compatible ink

By DAK1220 ·
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I just bought a Canon inkjet printer, and I'm wondering how Canons treat non-Canon ink. Is it going to refuse to take it, or threaten to void the warranty, or will it work OK? Can anybody with recent experience speak to this?
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Re: Canon inkjet

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Canon inkjet and compatib ...

Until now, I never had problems with third party cartridges on my Canon Pixma printers.

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Thank you

by DAK1220 In reply to Re: Canon inkjet

Do you have a favorite third-party brand, or does it not seem to matter?

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Have to agree with Kees

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Re: Canon inkjet

I also use a Canon Pixma printer with generic ink. Canon (like all printer manufacturers) will always use the "doom and gloom" warning to not use anything but Canon-branded ink cartridges but I have yet to have a problem.

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All depends on the Printer

by The Master2 In reply to Canon inkjet and compatib ...

The Cannon InkJets Printers I use are all seperate ink Tanks and I've never had an issue with them with either refilled Cartridges or Aftermarket Cartridges.

As I do not use the Multi Coloured Ink Tanks simply because they are way too expensive as you throw away the remaining colours when one is empty I have no idea but the only p[ossible problem I can see with those is mixing up the colours you put into the cartridges anddoing somethign liek putting the Cyan into the Magentia parts of the cartridge. Shouldn't be an issue with Aftermarket Cartridges but if you want to refill them it can be a problem.

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Canon Printer

by philipshernandez01 In reply to Canon inkjet and compatib ...

I never had a problem like this, I have recently bought a Cannon multitasking printer and I had used a third-party cartridge. But sometimes the chip inside the cartridge may not recognize by the printer, So in such a case, I will replace the chip for smooth running.

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