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By Randy Perlow ·
Hi Forum Members,

We are a sticker manufacturer.
We currently produce stickers on roll-fed large format inkjet printers, and are looking to add the ability to print them "by-the-sheet" on a color laser printer.

We are looking to print on adhesive-backed diecut label sheets that are either matte or glossy paper, white or clear glossy polyester.

Based on your experience, can you recommend any color laser printer models in the range of $500-$1,500 that do a good job printing on adhesive-backed label stock (infrequent jams, consistent registration to the diecuts, good toner adhesion...) ?


Randy Perlow
Production Supervisor

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Not spam, and where do you get your label media?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to COLOR LASER PRINTER

Almost any color laser will handle the matte and glossy paper.

The poly is going to be the problem. The thickness of the material is going to be a major factor limiting your choices; how many mils is it? You're going to want a printer with the straightest path possible to prevent jamming. You'll also want watch the overall speed to prevent melting. That's where the problem comes: finding a device fast enough not to melt the material while slow enough to get good toner adhesion. (You may even have problems finding toner that will adhere to the poly.)

Do you die-cut them yourself? For the poly, I recommend printing it before you cut it. Otherwise you're going to have a printer full of adhesive and labels.

We have a similar application printing on vinyl, but in black and white only and it isn't adhesive. We've used a couple of large 'department grade' lasers over the years, definitely not something in the $1000 range. Drop me a peer mail and I'll forward you the exact model when I get back to work on Monday. Mention 'Printer' in the subject.

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