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I'm an Ex-programmer (long ago) I prefer to use the command line (shell) and would, ideally like to perform emails from the shell too. I use the Debian Desktop variant.

I have many external emails providers -- e.g. hotmail, gmail, rocketmail, etc., and would like to access them via the shell... I highly suspect using mailutils' mu-mh and or mail(x) -- the former being my /style/.

I have been searching online and the documentation(s), but to little avail. I managed to partially configure mutt (only hotmail and gmail), but later realised (mu-)mh was where I would like to be.

Based on mutt, I suspect it should involve configuring some links to smtp/imap servers, but never can I get enough concrete direction/examples to allow success.

I write/post this in an desperate plea for tech-help on where I should be looking, etc.
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