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Confused Mac

By Raven2 ·
I have a Mac G4 450htz running OSX 1.4 that has a single monitor but thinks it has 2.

I have deleted the display and windows pref files, then restarted; but it still shows 2 monitors in System Profile.

Any suggestions?

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The video card..

by cmiller5400 In reply to Confused Mac

Maybe the video card has two outputs. I know my ATI shows up that way even though I only have one monitor.

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by Raven2 In reply to The video card..

Yes, I think this has an ATI card. Is this dual setting a "default", or can I go someplace and change the settings?

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Is this a laptop?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Confused Mac

If so, and if it has a port to plug in an external monitor, you'll see two monitors in your system profile, one for the display you're looking at and one for where the external monitor gets plugged in.

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by Raven2 In reply to Is this a laptop?

It is a G4 tower 450Hz. I am trying to remember the display name. It shows 2 profiles in the System Profiler - Display window, the same display. It has only one screen and only one video port. Is there a way for the second version of the display to be either disabled or removed? At this point I set the displays to Mirror.

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There is nothing wrong here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Confused Mac

The second display is for when you plug in an external monitor, add a Projector for presentations or so on. Without the device connected the second monitor should show as Active but not in use.


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Second Display

by Raven2 In reply to There is nothing wrong he ...

Yes, I know that it has that capability.

The person has never had a second display connected. The problem is that it keeps putting the display on the 2nd profile and not allowing switching of the displays.

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That will be because the user has set the

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Second Display

Second Display to the Primary or Default Display. I've seen this a couple of times with some ATI Dual Head Windows Stations where the user has entered the Display Proprieties and made changes there for some reason accidental click on the Second Display and make it the Default Display.

I'm not sure which ATI Driver Set MAC use for this unit so it will require a bit of digging around in there to see what was altered. Only good thing is that OSX whatever generally speaking has fewer options to change things like this than Windows has so it's easier to find out what they did wrong. :)

It may still take some digging around to find out what they did wrong though.


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by Raven2 In reply to That will be because the ...

I set the displays to mirror. That was a quick and dirty solution. Is there a way to get OSX to "see" only one display? That would make sense since there is only one. Would reloading the ATI driver solve?

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Actually your solution

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks

Is probably the best alternative as if they do a presentation that is exactly what they want to happen.

If you where to reload the driver it may be would reset the Primary Display Adapter but depending on what the user did maybe not. However with NB's using the Mirror Option is probably the best alternative.


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Thanks for the confirmation

by Raven2 In reply to Actually your solution

Yes, Set the displays to Mirror and let the user do what ever it is they will be doing. That way they cannot reset the display again and recreate the problem. The human engineering solution.

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