Corrupt MOV files

By Billythekid1 ·
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Hi. I'm having trouble with what I assume are corrupt MOV files on multiple SD cards. I'm recording various (50+) clips throughout the day then transferring them to my computer.

When I go to play them in VLC, I find that some of them (often the larger, but not always) will play up until a certain point (different every time) and then freeze. The time counter continues to play through and the file size suggests that the data is there, it just won't play.

I've tried various methods of recovery including VLC and a few pieces of software I downloaded, but nothing seems to work. All I'm able to do is create a new file with the part of the file that would play.

I'm not getting any error message when I try to play these files. I did the windows Error Checking within the SD card's properties and one of them required fixing, but this problem is affecting multiple SD cards, so that doesn't explain it. I'm running a test on all the cards by recording a large continuous video to try to figure out which card/s are giving me the issue.

The cards are all 256GB, and I have 2 of each from Lexar, Kodak & Ritz. As of yet, I'm not sure which are the problem card. Up until now, I thought this was a user error from when I transferred all my data over to my NAS and the internet dropped out several times. However, I've since had the issue occur since that switch. Unfortunately that means I'm unable to tell if the files play on the camera (hence the current testing). But the testing is unreliable, because this problem only seems to affect 2/3 clips from a whole day's shooting.

If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks
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To confirm.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Corrupt MOV files

The issue is not the files were corrupt on the cards but they are now corrupt on the NAS.

Since all three cards have this issue it's unlikely it's the cards but the NAS.

Tell more about the NAS and for now DO NOT COPY WITH WINDOWS FILE EXPLORER. Go get something that can verify such as:

As to the corrupt files, we say "we only lose what we don't backup."

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Re: corrupt files

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Corrupt MOV files

Add a card reader (built into the case or connected via USB) to your PC/laptop.
Then check if the movie can be played directly from the card.

If yes, copy it to the NAS and see if it fails. If it fails then it's the copying to, storing on or reading from the NAS.
If no, it's the card or camera.

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